• Check-In Time is 3:00 pm, Check Out Time is 11 am
• Smoking is not allowed in guest rooms, restaurant or pub
• Pets must be on a leash at all times and owners are asked to
pick up and dispose of all pet waste
• Pets are not allowed in Cabin units, only Lodge Rooms
• Owners are responsible for any Damage caused by their Pet in the
Lodge Rooms.
• Parking is allowed in designated areas only and The Sportsman is
not responsible for vehicle damage in the parking areas.


To access the guest Wi-Fi, please use:
Network: The Sportsman Password: 

DirecTV Service Remote Control Instructions:
Your TV and Satellite Receiver should be turned off on arrival.

To Turn On:
1) Ensure the slider at the top of the remote is all the way to the left (DirecTV
symbol). Press “PWR” button at the top center of the remote. (This should turn
on the satellite receiver)
2) Slide the top selector all the way to the right (TV) and press the top, center
“PWR” button if your television is a Samsung. Press the “On” button top, right if
you have a Vizio television. (This should turn on the TV)
3) Slide the selector all the way back to the left (DirecTV symbol) and enjoy the
service. (If your TV displays “no signal”, then your receiver did not get turned on,
so you will need to try the 1st step again.
To Turn Off:
1) Press center top “PWR” button with the slider all the way to the left (DirecTV
symbol) Your TV will display “No Signal” when the receiver is off.
2) Slide the selector all the way to the right and press “Off” if the TV is a Vizio, or
press “PWR” if the TV is a Samsung.


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